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Dont ppl know that its just the file size, when u install it the app is much bigger , common sense , game is short and sweet, tough at times but overall very different from what im used to in a game , work of art that is creepy and will make u jump, I did get lost , didnt add to frustration , made me want to figure it out even more


Nice aesthetic, but the puzzles are arbitrary, uninteresting, and frequently frustrating (vs. being logic-based). I quickly gave up.

100 % Recommend

Very fun and kept me thinking throughout.

Beautiful unusual game

Atmospheric and beautifully drawn game. fires the imagination. Its very nice to be briefly immersed in the the Swedish folkloric tradition.


I love EVERYTHING about this game! I really wish it were longer. If you guys were to make a sequel, it might be the only sequel Id ever pay money for. Thank you for this gorgeously creepy game!

Hated it

This game was on my wish list for so long I finally got around to purchasing it. Why with all the great reviews why not? It seemed to start out great, like Limbo- a dark backstory. But then theres nothing to solve. Or am I doing it wrong? I keep traveling through the town but theres nothing to solve, no commands to control my character, no evils to defeat. Ive downloaded to companion app but Ive already lost interest in this beautiful but frankly boring game.

No sound

Paid 4 dollars for an app that doesnt have sound.

Crap App!!!

Highly disappointed!!!!!!! Dont waste your time or money on this crap! Sorry, but it is what it is.

Words cannot describe

This game is a work of art. The beautiful yet creepy atmosphere, the art style, and the story. All of it just amazing. Gives you very little backstory but just enough so you understand it. The game presents a situation which is relatable ( venturing into a calm yet spooky forest ) but keeps you disconnected from the characters in a way that makes you feel as though you are having a dream, participating in the occurrences yet not able to ultimately control them or the outcome. The game presents simple puzzles that are rewarding but dont take you out of the game too much. Playing with headphones is wonderful due to amazing sound design and positioning. Lack of dialogue allows you to interpret characters in your own way. If you like games that hold your hand and explain everything then this isnt for you. However for me personally I found it to be amazing and havent found a game to top it since. Overall just fantastic. Do wish it was longer. I did play through it without the handbook. Only discovering the handbook after finishing my "walk".

Great game

Unique in a great way...the companion app draws you in even further (on a realistic level) that adds an extra creepiness to the started to freak me out reading more and more of the diary...and the game is well polished with a perfect choice in art direction and graphical style for this kind of story. Extremely early innovative game on iOS.

Totally worth it.

This riveting masterpiece takes you through an adventure that cannot be explained with words. Its unnerving puzzles and iconic scenes truly makes this game unique. Its creepy storyline blurs The line between reality and the game itself. The backstory is the story itself they cannot be differentiated. The only way to simplify it is the history of the universe itself. The key to the game is curiosity. jamie age 8

I wish there were more games like this

One of my favorite app games ever! I love the ambience of this game. You have to get the companion app for this game. This game definitely freaked me out at times. Its scary and some of the puzzles can be tough. I loved this game, and I wish there were more games like this.

My absolute favorite game

I loved it because not only did it take me on a beautiful journey through early Sweden, it taught me about an intricate lore that led me on to research. Completely captivating.


I guess Im not smart enough to play this game. Had to use cheats all the time. Who came up with this mess?

Haunting, mesmerizing!

Having beaten Device 6 (and loved it!), I immediately downloaded Year Walk. I was not disappointed. The story and mythology gripped me from the very beginning. I just finished playing it a second time, this time less worried about jump scares (there are a few) and more enthralled with the snowy atmosphere. The designers do a great job of creating a cold, lonely wilderness. You genuinely do feel lost and confused at times. The puzzles are hard, but like Device 6, never to the point of me actually needing a walkthrough or online help. You can “figure them out” with a little creativity and patience. All told, this is a beautiful story. Do not download if you want action/shoot em ups/flappy bird type games. Download if you love Myst, Device 6, or puzzle adventures that you plan to become immersed in.

Loved It

The design aesthetic, creepy sounds, cool puzzles, all of it. Favorite app Ive downloaded in quite some time. Sometimes I was a little creeped out playing it by myself at night. Which I also loved!


The art makes this app worth it. Add in the story, lore, and actual gameplay and you wont regret getting it! The companion app is really wonderful.

Really wanted to love it

After finishing all 3 of The Room games I was in search of something similar. This game is NOT it. Theres no direction. Every single challenge I faced left me scratching my head trying to figure out what the objective was. If youre into games that are different than your average puzzle game than try this. If youre like me and want a regular old solve the puzzle and move on kind of game than look elsewhere. Very disappointed I spent that much money on a game that missed the mark.


They should update!!!! For iPhone 7. I really want to enjoy this game since I bought it


I had written a fairly in-depth review, but it somehow got lost in the ether. Suffice it to say that the story is very lacking without getting the companion app (and then "logging in" to the locked section of the same app after your first play through), and the puzzles are banal at best, me having to take a large amount of screenshots just for the sequences. Also, the map shouldnt have been made the way it was, both for being very confusing and maze-like, and for having inconsistencies that, excepting that we are to assume that the player can jump through the fourth dimension, would have it intersecting itself badly if the lengths of the paths are consistent. After just finishing my first play through of Device 6 (a game that I was extremely pleased with), this game came as a serious disappointment. All that being said, the entire game (companion app included) lent itself a very pleasingly creepy atmosphere that I enjoyed regardless of everything else. There was one jump scare that had me turning my device away from my face through my second play through to spare myself an early death by heart attack. None of the other jump scares were very effective. I know there are people out there that would definitely enjoy this game very much, so if my review doesnt turn you off to it and you like what you are seeing in other reviews, then by all means get the game. However, I know there are others that will share my thoughts and I hope that this review will help keep those people from wasting four dollars.

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